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Where Mobile Ads drive Store Visits

First party data

Currently available in Italy where thanks to our app DoveConviene we leverage first party data generated from the background location from our owned property to capture a greater number of data points to verify users and store visits. This allows ShopFully Engage to provide the most accurate targeting for mobile-to-store advertising campaign based on ShopFully Predict machine learning algorithm, based on online and offline shopper intent.

Premium Publisher Network

The ShopFully Engage technology enables you to reach 100% of shoppers, thanks to our selected premium publishers and/or through our programmatic channel. ShopFully will also deduplicate shoppers in order to maximize your media budget in an efficient manner. Our platform is GDPR compliant.

Engage to store format

A rich media interstitial format designed to drive shoppers to your stores. Campaigns can be targeted around specific stores and optimised to maximise StoreVisits.

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Reporting & Insights

ShopFully always provides a detailed StoreVisits report, which also includes online and offline insights about shoppers who visited your store. We believe in data reliability to make informed and better business decisions.

StoreVisits accuracy

We are able to deliver quality data with rich insights because the location data is obtained directly from ShopFully proprietary SDK that makes our value proposition very distinctive on the market. Nielsen has validated the 98.8% accuracy of our StoreVisits measurement platform in 2018.

GDPR Compliant

ShopFully operates in compliance with the European regulations concerning the processing of personal data. Our company is committed to safeguarding our users’ personal data and will always be compliant with the latest regulations.

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